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Myth 5

Waking up every morning in the Adelaide Hyatt and coming down to a lavish breakfast buffet really does help get the day started on the right foot.

Yalumba allowed us to raom about their Coopering Shed (Barrel Making) and we were invited to get up close to the coopers while they steamed, toasted, bent and formed the barrels. Amazing what wood can be made to do! The tasting was also very nice with my highlight being the Viogniers (white wine) rich and seductive!


Though this is generally accepted practice (as is adding sugar in french wines) at Thorn-Clarke they proved that with judicious vineyard management and higher altitudes the ripened grapes can retain their own acidity and still ripen fully. Delicious wines and great vistas! Pics to be uploaded soon!

Dinner was with our most gracious hosts - The Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation. First we went to their offices at the edge of Adelaides Botantical Gardens and then off to dinner of great pizzas. Being a Brooklyn Girl - I know my pizzas and at "Good Life Pizza" they did a real good job - though miles away from true "Booklin Pizza";-)) Great Wines, Great Food, Great Company!

Tomorrow - McLaren Vale00 Peter L..stayed).JPG01 Tez Our Car.JPG

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The Visitors Center at Jacob's Creek is worth a visit even for the non-wine drinkers. A beautiful modern building set on lovely grounds and displaying the rich history of Barossa Valley. The tasting of over 30 wines proved to be very taxing but a pleasure none the less.

Peter Lehmann Winery and the person himself were absolutely phenomenal. A real life wine hero with his very interesting wife showing us their great wines and offering us their Guest House for Monika, Jakob and Wolfgang for 4 days proved that when the songs of praise for Aussie Hospitality were sang they were "off key". More later!

Penfolds - well there had to be a dark cloud somewhere and unsurprisingly it was here at Penfolds. BUT -


Ron and Janet Liebich rolled out the bandwagon just for us for a more than memorable evening. A small, very, very small winery with loads of personality and heart! Ron started opening up wines from the 70's, 80's and 90's - some better some worse but all very interesting and educational. Clare Riesling, White Burgundy was one wine that neither was made from Riesling nor from Burgundy's white variety Chardonnay but rather from Crushon - a grape variety from the Pyrenees in France and no longer planted with any success. The dining room was in a old cellar - below the family house with thick field stones, candles galore and a delicious meal made from ingredients from the family farm - Lamb/Beets/Potatoes/Leeks/etc...

well, I left the festivities around 11pm - after almost falling into my dessert - but the rest of the group stayed till after midnight singing and dancing to Blueberry hill and enjoying old Fortifieds out of Rons stash ;-))

til tomorrow

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Hunter Valley

Myth 1 & 2

sunny 17 °C

After Jakobs update, I am afraid some time has passed and now I am going to try to set in words the last 10 days here - Down Under. The many myths that were dispelled while traveling here are nice road posts for Monika's trip...


McWilliams Winery in Hunter Valley proved this myth to be fully bogus. They showed us great young wines drinking lightly now and rich, bottle matured Semillons made for contemplation! Not to mention that I tried an Port Stevens oyster at lunch and finally understood the whole bruhaha over oysters! Kangaroo Carpaccio and tender Lamb Ribs rounded off our wonderful visit at this winery.

Wyndham Estate was different - large scale and created for larger groups, the wines still showed us that Hunter is still a secret in the wine world. Lots of history (for Australia) and lots of laughs - had to wear a bushmans hat with corks tied to the rim to keep the flies from driving me mad - though the bouncing corks were doing a good job themselves ;-))

Overnight at Grapevines Boutique B&B - with a huge terrace looking over 50km of mostly uninhabited land, sunsets and a sky so full of stars that looking down seems a let down. Our hosts Michael and Mary made us very comfortable with a Barbie and Wines from Hungerford Hill - but first a few Coopers had to be emptied (the WInemakers Beer) and then the night got underway. Wonderfully comfortable small apartments with all the amenities that make traveling a pleasure - not sure how they get most people to leave willingly (we had to board our bus for the next leg of the trip).


At 9am (remember, "we are not here for pleasure") we were given a wonderful tasting of Meerea Park Wines and found more reasons to grow roots in the Hunter Valley! But our driver was ready for that and had us in the car driving north by 10:30am! Rosemount was a wonderful venue for shing a light on the myth that large wineries make neutral/boring/lesser quality wines. Severine, a french ex-pat, and one of the master winemakers answered all our questions and the wines presented (ca. 15 or more) proved that big can also make great wines with careful selection and handling (like smaller wineries but with more money to allow for experimentation). In this part of Hunter the stunning Studs (as in horses!) are everywhere and the vineyards seem to all be hidden behind ridges.

We then rolled into our car are drove back to Sydney to catch our flight to Adelaide and more wine country.

see you there

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First Contact

Monika in Australia

semi-overcast 15 °C

So Monika arrived well on Easter Sunday while Jakob is still in Germany.

From our short conversation on the phone Monika made it to survive the almost day-long flight with the help of a massage at Singapur Airport (during her 2 hrs stop over).
And she must have had a great day in Sydney visiting the botanical garden - and its spiders. Those who know Monika will understand that this is her biggest challenge in Australia to face spiders - especially the big ones.
And she was accommodated in Sydney in the Old Sydney Holiday Inn, which is obviously very central and offered Monika a view from her room at the Opera and the bridge!

Today, on Easter Monday Monika started her tour with collegues and Wine Australia in the Hunter Valley visiting the McWilliams wineries and the Wyndham Estates. When I called a minute ago, Monika was already sleeping, but Wolfgang (will tell later more about him) told me that they had an exhausting but great day full of wine tastings. She will have to write more about it.

Meanwhile Jakob had a Easter weekend with various activities from church choir singing (a really touching and expressive concert of Ernst Peppings "Passionsbericht des Matthäus" - Matthews story of the Passion), having a coffee at the new MD office of Heiko (Jakob's brother in law) and later today joining the family for dinner.
And of course packing, organizing things before Jakob's departure on Wednesday.

On Sunday I was in church and our priest explained in her sermon that Easter historically is a season of laughter - so she included some jokes into her sermon among them this one:
" 'During his Sunday sermon a priest came to the point where he started to praise the Lord and the beauty of his creation. The sun and its wonderful light, the water that refreshes and gives life, ..... the animals, the plants and even each blade of grass being worth a sermon. 'So he continued on and on.
The other day John, a member of the church, came by and saw the priest cutting his lawn. The priest greeted John and John said, 'Oh, its so good to see that you will cut short your next sermons.' "

So do I - till soon Jakob

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Getting Ready

only 10 days to go for Monika - 15 for Jakob nur noch 10 Tagen für Monika - 15 für Jakob

semi-overcast 8 °C

We still are working out the details of our trip - but as it stands today, Monika will go with Wine Australia for the first week and will tour numerous wineries, drink unbelievable amounts of wine and have a great time meeting the makers of some of the worlds best drinking wines!!!
Sydney > Adelaide (Jakob arrives 22.4) > Brisbane > Whitsunday Islands > Melbourne > Sydney

Thats the skelton of our tour - details will be filled in as they happen;-))

Die Details unsere Australien Reise werden immer noch bearbeitet. Aber so viel steht schon fest - Monika ist mit Wine Australia die erst Woche unterwegs und diverse Weingüter besuchen und bestimmt auch reichlich testen!!!

Sydney > Adelaide (Jakob arrives 22.4) > Brisbane > Whitsunday Islands > Melbourne > Sydney

Das sind die bis jetzt geplanten Stationen, was dazwischen passiert ist noch offen und wird sich dann down under ergeben.

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